Loris Doessel - Independent Candidate for Callide

My name is Loris Doessel and I am standing as an Independent for the seat of Callide in this State election.

The trigger for my decision was the impossibility of discovering how candidates would vote on any upcoming legislation about Voluntary Assisted Dying.

I can no longer depend on my “representative” to bring in the proposed ethical and humane Law which has already been politically delayed, as it is not a “nice” topic to discuss.

Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) has been progressively legalised across the world over the last 20 years and Australian states are finally bowing to the pressure of public opinion to give sufferers a choice at the end of life. Queensland has not yet stepped up but had an inquiry.

I care.

I have a long history of voluntary community involvement and representation, including schools, community development, community service, art gallery and museum management. I have been a lucerne farmer, a school administration officer and a Mundubbera Shire Councillor.

These experiences and associated training, liaison, networking and teamwork have prepared me well for the role of representing the people of Callide.

I am an experienced businesswoman with a strong focus on meeting the needs of community members and I believe I could represent the electorate well.

Other areas that need to be focused on are:

  • The availability of educational and training opportunities
  • Provision of universal access to good health and wellbeing programs.
  • Innovative design and delivery of suitable residential accommodation.
  • The option of meaningful work should be available to all.
  • A major achievement would be the reduction of multilayered bureaucracy.
  • The designation of protected areas should not occur until they can actually be protected by this tactic. All currently designated areas should be properly reviewed to ascertain the best option into the future.

Avenues of communication are much more efficient these days.
If you like the old-fashioned handwritten letter to raise a discussion with me, please do.
If you prefer the business-like formal letter, that too will catch my attention.
If you wish to use messenger or Facebook to quickly pass on a brief message or start a conversation, those are very efficient and will attract a quick response.
Of course, I am also happy to talk face to face or over the phone although there will be times I am not available.
My intention is to help and represent the people of Callide as a valuable contribution to the State of Queensland.
Together, we can work towards a better future.

Please vote 1 for me at the upcoming state election, signalling your support of the absolute necessity for urgent implementation of a Voluntary Assisted Dying Law.

To Die With Dignity should not be too much to ask. Our body, our choice. No compulsion.

I stand ready to represent Callide across all aspects of life in the state political arena. I am qualified to do so. I have the ability to do so. I care.

Please contact me on 0429654012 if you would like to discuss any issues or concerns. ldoessel@bigpond.net.au

Authorised by Loris Doessel, 52 Ezzy Road, Mundubbera. 4626

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